Codice Prodotto: B018GTIY04
Disponibilità: Disponibile
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  • Contenuto della confezione: Blaster, 30 dart drum, 2 drum attachments, 30 Ultra-Tek darts

  • Prodotto: BuzzBee Toys Ultra-Tek Sidewinder

  • Tipo di prodotto: Rifle

  • Marca: BuzzBeeToys Air Warriors

  • Produttore: BuzzBeeToys

  • Contenuto: Blaster, 30 dart drum, 2 drum attachments, 30 Ultra-Tek darts Mighty pump gun with 30 shots!

    The BuzzBee Ultra-Tek Sidewinder is an effective blaster looking like a pump gun. It scores not only by its aggressive design, but also by its technical features.

    The impressive drum has a capacity of 30 Darts and is mounted on the right side, opposed to the left mounted drum of the Nerf Raider or Nerf Rampage. This is especially practical for right handed users because the drum is not in the way.

    Rapid fire action with the BuzzBee Ultra-Tek Sidewinder

    The front handle provides a quick rate of fire: The handle is moved back and forward to fire. The drum advances to the next position automatically so that a constant hail of darts is possible. If you apply different amounts of force, you can vary the range of the blaster. Up to 22m are possible!

    Product features

    • Foam blaster in imposing pump gun design
    • 30 dart drum included
    • 30 BuzzBee Ultra-Tek darts included
    • High rate of fire thanks to rapid fire mechanism
    • Shoots up to 22m

    Attention! Suitable for Children ages 6 and up. Do not shoot at eyes or Face. Do not use arrows other than the manufacturer's. Not suitable for Children under the age of 3 because small parts may be swallowed. Risk of suffocation!

    Buzzbee Toys Ultra-Tek Sidewinder B018GTIY04

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